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Our Story

We Care – Your Ideal Healthcare Choice and Partner

Founded in 2002 as a single specialty centre in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, it has over the years expanded into a multi-specialty medical group.  With further expansion of its services to include a comprehensive range of diagnostic and specialty services, Royal Healthcare, is  today one of Singapore’s largest multi-disciplinary specialist centre with highly experienced and talented medical specialists using the latest in  medical technology to deliver optimal healthcare outcomes to our patients. With it’s day surgery centre and endoscopy suite, Royal Healthcare aims to deliver the best of healthcare in a single convenient location.

Our Commitments

Royal Healthcare will provide you with an unparalleled personalized healthcare experience in your health and well-being journey. Because you deserve only the best.

Clinical Excellence

Everything we do is committed towards providing you the very best clinical outcome because you deserve to have a long, healthy and quality life.

The Royal Experience

Be pampered by our Royal Experience where it starts with a comfortable ambience, to the most well-trained team of concierge and medical professionals, attending to every aspect of your healthcare experience.


Royal Healthcare is the proud recipient of many awards and accolades over the years. We are humbled by the recognition for providing only the best experience that our clients deserve.