Dr Errol Chan

Dr Errol Chan is a fellowship-trained Consultant Ophthalmologist with more than 15 years of clinical experience. He has performed thousands of cataract and vitreoretinal surgery procedures. 

Dr Chan graduated MBBS from the National University of Singapore with Distinction and placement on the Dean’s List, and completed Ophthalmology specialist training at the National University Health System. He has gained expertise at some of the most prestigious eye centers in the world, including Moorfields Eye Hospital, in London, UK, and at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and has performed more than 10,000 ophthalmic procedures.

His specialties include refractive cataract surgery to help patients achieve freedom from reading glasses, high-risk and complex cataract surgery, the medical and surgical treatment of retinal diseases, glaucoma, and myopia control in children. Dr Chan also sees both adults and children for a comprehensive range of eye conditions, including patients who require a specialist opinion on complex eye conditions.

Dr Chan’s expertise has been recognized with multiple international awards. He has authored more than 40 articles in journals and textbooks, and is a clinical trial investigator for new therapeutics and technologies for treating eye diseases. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, and has been featured in the local media such as The Straits Times and CNA93.8. 

Dr Elaine Huang is a Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist at Royal Healthcare. She is experienced in general ophthalmology as well as in complex surgery involving the retina. Her subspecialties include managing vitreo-retinal conditions such as retinal detachment, floaters, and selective treatment of floaters with laser vitreolysis, macular disorders such as epiretinal membrane and macular hole surgery, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), myopia, and trauma-related conditions.

Dr Huang has received numerous honours for her commitment to patient care, academic and scientific research excellence. She received the SingHealth Junior Doctor Award (2007) and the SingHealth Excellent Service Silver Award (2013). She also received the Outstanding Faculty Award at the SingHealth Residency RISE Awards (2014).

Macular and vitreoretinal abnormalities, as well as cataracts, vascular and inflammatory eye illnesses, are among her research interests. She has published numerous papers in national and international journals and has given presentations at international conferences on topics ranging from cataract surgery to vitreoretinal diseases.